In 2012 City Projects, at the request of a statewide foundation, expanded our services to provide expertise to foundations that fund capital grants. Our education on best practices for real estate development offers strategic support to leaders and program officers, empowering them to evaluate capital grant applications with confidence. This ultimately benefits potential grantees and prepares them for success.

City Projects accomplishes this through the facilitation of real estate development workshops and grant application review. We also develop relevant grant making guidelines and work in tandem with the nonprofit applicants to ensure successful project planning. This serves to further support foundations in maximizing the impact of their capital grants.

For your grant making: 

  • Maximize impact for capital grant making

  • Create capital grant guidelines that work

  • Enable a methodical approach to assess proposals

  • Instruct foundations on best practices for capital projects

  • Create and lead guided curricula regarding real estate and grant review

For your grantees:

  • Identify additional funding and financing

  • Work with potential grantees to get organized on a project

  • Provide development and project management services

  • Work with nonprofits to ensure their project’s success and to become good stewards of you funds

*City Projects does not influence the grant awards of it foundation partners.