The Power of Place

City projects recognizes the power of place as it impacts organizations, those they serve, as well as those who serve, to inspire social change through real estate. Our belief is that the physical space in which an organization operates will impact how it fulfills its mission. The built environment has the ability to catalyze the transformation of people, places and communities in unexpected ways. The built environment influences the clients’ well-being, employee productivity, operational effectiveness, fundraising, ability to build partnerships and brand identification.

For instance, if a healthcare provider treats its patients in a welcoming, warm, well-lit environment, those clients are more likely to return and receive better long-term care. Similarly, transitional housing for formerly homeless youth can provide stability and a place for building self-respect and learning new skills. A decades old nonprofit can even reinvigorate its presence and develop a strong partnership with the city with a successful and popular capital campaign and new headquarters. For these organizations, the built environment can represent the physical expression of the very mission they champion. These profound ripple effects have the ability to manifest themselves in ways unimagined!

"The Mental Health Center of Denver and City Projects have collaborated on a number of  projects that have transformed our organization. Our collaboration resulted in our new Recovery Center as well as the planning for our future Child & Family Community Center that will be completed in 2015. These projects have equipped us to conduct our first-ever capital campaign that has so far raised  nearly $6.5 million and played a key role in a re-branding effort that allowed our organization a level of visibility that continues to generate new donors and partnerships."

~Forrest Cason, Chief Financial Officer Mental Health Center of Denver