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The Colorado Health Foundation, one of the largest health-focused foundations in the country, is committed to making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation.The Foundation works to achieve this vision by increasing the number of Coloradans with health insurance, ensuring they have access to quality, coordinated care and encouraging healthy living. The Foundation invests in nonprofits, government and the private sector, engages in public policy and communicates strategically to advance their goals.

From 2009 to 2013, the Foundation made capital grants to help increase the capacity of community clinics to care for more Coloradans living on low incomes. The Foundation recognized the importance of employing best practices for real estate development to strengthen not only the Foundation, but these community clinics as well.


City Projects was brought on to assist the Colorado Health Foundation in clarifying their goals for capital funding, identify measurable results for capital grants as well as review the foundation’s guidelines for approving capital grants. 


City Projects was tasked with developing and facilitating a customized workshop regarding best practices for capital grant making and sought to create a process whereby the program officers and City Projects could review grant applications collaboratively. City Projects pursued these goals by meeting with staff to evaluate their strengths and gaps, and by developing a half-day workshop entitled Building Something Great: Developing or Expanding Nonprofit Facilities.


Processes and guidelines were developed to assist the foundation in implementing a consistent capital grantmaking approach with greater clarity for their desired outcomes. This allows program officers to now have greater confidence when reviewing applications.

Funded organizations also have defined and consistent guidelines that provide and encourage best practices for capital projects. On occasion, an organization will need real estate advisory and project development services that--at the behest of the foundation--City Projects will provide.


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"We’ve learned so much from our partnership with City Projects. Our work has benefited greatly. Thank you!"

~Kelly Dunkin, Vice President of Philanthropy, The Colorado Health Foundation