About Us

A Holistic Approach to Socially Oriented Real Estate

For more than a decade, City Projects has implemented a model of best practices that supports and enhances a holistic approach to an organization’s built environment. We work alongside our clients to align their real estate with their mission and goals.

Our approach emerged out of the fact that real estate projects are complex, often requiring a depth of specific knowledge and expertise to successfully execute--whether it be renovation, expansion or new, ground-up construction

Community Building Brick-by-Brick

Our work is a reflection in a belief in the power of place. This concept is simply that the physical space in which an organization operates has the ability to impact all of those it touches--from staff and those it serves to the wider community at large. 

The power of place enhances relationships with community stakeholders, donors and funders. The organization’s profile can be elevated through expanded awareness and visibility. Through our process, City Projects has guided organizations to new levels of success, strength and sustainability.

We'll Help You Navigate

City Projects is an expert at navigating the opportunities, roadblocks and pitfalls that mark the path to project completion. We evaluate an organization’s needs by:

  • Looking at the organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing a preliminary space plan
  • Outlining all options available
  • Generating preliminary project budgets
  • Creating the financial road map
  • Developing the project timeline

City Projects understands the nuances of non-profits and works with leadership, board members and stakeholders to achieve consensus. Our expertise in financing and funding makes otherwise unfeasible real estate projects a reality. We are professional, innovative and committed to creating substantive change through the people, places and organizations that seek to better our world. 

"City Projects has proven their worth to us in so many ways, especially in support of our mission. We are very appreciative of their work!"

~Liz Hickman, Ph.D., Executive Director Centennial Mental Health Center