OUR GOAL: Knowledge to Empower

City Projects provides expert real estate advisory and project management services to empower our socially oriented clients in order to increase their impact and achieve social change through real estate. Our greatest strength is combining specialized real estate knowledge with a proven process that addresses the real estate needs of the organization. We merge each client’s mission, programs, financing options and fundraising strategies into all facets of owning, developing and managing nonprofit facilities.

This happens by first working with clients to define and clarify their current challenges and future goals. A real estate plan is then developed with staff and stakeholders so that our clients can leverage City Projects' knowledge and experience to successfully implement a project road map within the context of the organization.

Our Approach: "Teach, Don't Tell" 

As advisers, City Projects strives to become an integral partner to the organization and aims to provide support to leadership, board and staff. Our planning approach is educational and our facilitation promotes collaboration and communication through all phases of the process. Ultimately, City Projects' goal is to provide governance counsel and support to board members, stakeholders and staff. Our process offers reassurance and mitigates risk by breaking down barriers to project completion so clients may gain confidence in making real estate project decisions.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive Real Estate Plans that set the stage for a successful project with the support of staff, board and other stakeholders
  • Project Management Coordination including due diligence, architect and general contractor selection
  • Advisory services addressing feasibility assessments, portfolio review and evaluation of the real estate assets' impact on the organization
  • Financing and funding consulting including loans, tax exempt bonds and community development funds
  • Coordinating with foundations to leverage capital grants resources
  • Procurement of city, state and federal loans/grants